Oatmeal Peach and Cranberry Muffins (Low Sugar)

Oatmeal Peach and Cranberry Muffins 2

*I want to preface this post by stating that these muffins are delicious, but if you are expecting sweet muffins, run for your life! These are a low sugar healthy option. Still totally yummy, but if you’re not into whole wheat and oats and flax, biting into one of these might leave you angry with me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! My sweets-craving father hated these, haha!

I was recently gifted a crate full of peaches. This doesn’t sound like it should be a problem, because PEACHES FOR DAYS, but my schedule was a little jam-packed this week and the peaches started to get a little bruised and soft after chillin’ in the fridge for a few days. Oh, my heart. Sad faces all around. Let me tell you, I had a crate full of ideas for what to do with these peaches: grilled peach salad, peach and jalapeno compote, a savory peach and rosemary galette…[insert sad violin sound].

Unfortunately between leaving my office job, a minor surgery, and appointments…these things didn’t happen.

So, I made muffins instead. Healthy muffins! Have I disappointed you enough in this post yet? Albeit these muffins are low in sugar, they are still delicious and leave room for some sweet drizzles from molasses, honey, maple syrup, or agave nectar! The thing I always hate about baking (besides baking in general) is the amount of sugar that some recipes call for. I want to start tampering with the whole applesauce substitution, but I know that baking is also a science and with my luck, I’d substitute applesauce for sugar in the wrong recipe and my baked goods would come out looking like dung cakes.

This recipe has only 1/2 cup of brown sugar for sweetening – that’s it! They don’t taste sweet, but they have a nice spiced flavour thanks to the Pumpkin Spice seasoning I threw in there which you could easily substitute with nutmeg if need be. The chunks of peaches and cranberries add a burst of fruitiness, too. I also threw in some ground flax.

This is a perfect muffin recipe for someone who enjoys a quick and healthy option as a snack or breakfast on-the-go.

Click below for the recipe!

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Oatmeal Peach and Cranberry Muffins
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