Restaurant Review: Chile and Agave, St. Catharines


chile and agave

I’m not very seasoned when it comes to authentic Mexican, I’ll be honest. This is only my third time having authentic Mexican. The first time was in Raleigh, NC, and the restaurant was so dark that I couldn’t even see my meal, though it felt and tasted like I was eating a cabbage roll. Not sure there. I couldn’t even see the menu so, I got nothin’.
The second time was in Pittsburgh at a place called Verde, and this was my favourite experience of the three. I had Enchiladas de Pollo and, guys, a friggin’ habanero infused martini! WHAT. Amazing.


Tonight started with a well deserved Dos Equis. It didn’t make me feel like the most interesting woman in the world, but close.

dos equis


Also, I need to mention the free taco chips and salsa that are offered pre-meal.

taco chips

These are definitely the best taco chips I’ve ever had, and that salsa! I think there were little itty bitty leaves of cilantro in there, and though I’m one of those freaks who despises cilantro, I did all right with it because the body of the salsa was perfect. Tangy, not overly acidic or sweetened, and just downright dee-lish.

The taco chips offer a fragrance of guilty pleasures – almost like greasy fairground food, but with quality.

I was struggling with what to order for dinner. Doing restaurant reviews sort of puts the pressure on to try new things; review food that isn’t typical. Therefore, quesadillas were out of the question.

I decided on the Enchilada Suiza with salsa verde. It came with a salad, refried beans, and rice.

chile and agave

The chicken in the enchilada was a chipotle chicken, though I didn’t get any hints of chipotle or smokiness in flavour. The dominant flavor here was the salsa verde, as well as the cheese, due to it’s texture. Believe me, the salsa verde was incredibly tasty, but I was a little disappointed in the lack of presence from the chipotle chicken. What I did end up doing was cutting up some of the tomato and lettuce from my salad, and pairing it with forkfuls of enchilada. It tasted more like a taco/burrito that way, and I think that right there exemplifies my amateur palette when it comes to this type of cuisine.

enchilada suiza

enchilada suiza open

Though, as you can see, the dish was very well prepared.

The refried beans were really good! Best I’ve ever tried.

refried beans

That’s the thing about refried beans – they always taste better than they look…

The atmosphere and décor in the restaurant is fantastic, and the service was great. Any questions I had were answered thoroughly, and with a smile.

I can tell that Chile and Agave is legit when it comes to authentic Mexican; I think I’ve just come to the sad conclusion that authentic Mexican doesn’t knock my socks from off my feet. Being a food blogger, I feel like a jerk saying this, but pass me the pub-style nachos any day.

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